Men’s Custom Clothing

Guillos Tailor is the only stop you need for all of your custom-made clothing and accessories. We offer many different styles, fabrics, and cuts to suit your needs. You will be able to easily match everything in your closet with no more mismatch mornings.

Men’s Shirts

Guillos Tailor provides custom made shirts using different fabrics and styles. With our help you will have your own unique style, keeping your look separate from department store looks. Find more details on our Men’s Shirts page.

Men’s Suits

Custom Men's ClothingGet custom suits for any occasion, from formal to casual, and stand out among the rest. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, colors, designs, and cuts to match your unique personality. Find more details on our Men’s Suits page.

Men’s Sports Jackets

Do you have trouble getting that perfect sports jacket to match your favorite pair of pants? Then Guillos Tailor can help you! We offer custom sports jackets with any fabric and style. You can even pair new pants with your new sports jacket. Find more information on our Men’s Sports Jacket page.

Men’s Overcoats

Stay warm this winter with the perfect overcoat. You can match your suit and sports jacket effortlessly with custom fabrics, cuts, and styles. Our tailors will ensure your overcoat will fit perfectly over your suit. Read more on our Men’s Overcoats page to see how you can match your entire outfit.

Men’s Pants

Many men have trouble finding pants that meet their exact measurements. They may be too short or too long, or even too tight or too loose. With Guillos Tailor, you will never have that problem again! We can customize your pants with endless possibilities such as straight leg, or the fashionable slanting pockets. Read more on our Men’s Pants page.

Men’s Accessories

Along with custom clothing, Guillos Tailor can provide you with custom accessories. We offer our customers a wide selection of cufflinks, ties, and belts that will match your outfits perfectly. You can choose from different fabrics and styles that match your personality and unique style. Check out everything we offer on our Men’s Accessories page.

For More Information

Guillos Tailor is a full service custom men and women’s clothing tailor serving West Houston. We create Houston’s finest custom suits, jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, blouses, and other fine clothing for Houston’s professional men and women. For more information, visit our Resources, Contact Us, or About Us pages, or contact us directly at 832-235-9520.