Custom Men’s Accessories

Along with our custom-made clothing, Guillos Tailor also offers custom-made ties, belts, and cufflinks to compliment your custom-made suits, pants, and shirts.


Custom Ties

Our custom-made ties are created in order to meet your needs and specifications, guaranteeing you will receive exactly what you want. A unique tie made just for you. We offer different types of neckwear including bow-ties, skinny ties, wide ties, and long ties.


We offer our customers belts that are well designed, and come in many styles and colors to compliment any suit or pants you order. Look to us for a wide selection of belts.

Custom Cufflinks


Every suit and jacket needs cufflinks to compliment the look you are going for, whether its business or formal. Guillos Tailor provides customers with unique cufflinks suited for each individual.

For More Information

Guillos Tailor is a full service custom men and women’s clothing tailor serving West Houston. We create Houston’s finest custom suits, jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, blouses, and other fine clothing for Houston’s professional men and women. For more information, visit our Resources, Contact Us, or About Us pages, or contact us directly at 832-235-9520.